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13-14-15 March 2015


Maps of 2015

Preliminary Technical Information

13th of March; Night Sprint, Sultan Ahmet area

Unique chanse to run orienteering at the heart of Istanbul.
Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia are the main reference points.
Traffic won’t be stoped, be aware of cars.
Map: Scale 1/4.000, contours 2,5m, map size A4
Maped by: Victor Dyachkov RUS, Oct2011 / Map correction will be done in Macrh 2015

14th of March Classical distance, Neşetsuyu, Belgrad Orman, (winning time about 60 minutes for M/W Elite),

This area offers hilly terrain with lots of various depressions and some microdetails.
Difference of height at one slope can be up to 150 m.
Slippery slopes and thorny bushes might be dangerous.
Runnability for very good (10%), to avarage (50%) and gren areas (40%).
This is a beech and pine forest.
Map: Scale 1/10.000, contours 5m, map size A4
Re - Maped by: Orest Kotylo 2008
Map correction had been done a few times and will be again in February 2015

15th of March Supersprint at Grand Bazaar

Grand bazaar area offers short and very fast orienteering within the net of small streets, which are like in a complicated labyrinth crossing each other by different angles.
Technically it reminds ski-o: High speed, high concentration.
The most difficult part is a “multilevel” orienteering, which requires climbing stairs.
Map:Scale 1/1.500, contours none, map size А4.
Map by: Direnç Azaz (2001), Stas Zolotareov (2003)

What to Volunteer?
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